Mario Maker Contest: New Stuff

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Super Mario Maker 2 was updated a few days ago and there are now a bunch of new items that you can place in various levels across all the themes. You can even turn Mario into Link from the Zelda series! Fun stuff. Let’s see what you folks can make with these new bits and bobs.

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Your Challenge This Week: Create levels featuring some of the new items.

Theme: New stuff, Link, Update 2.0, New Items, etc (Any new item name)

Use any style you want and make the levels as big or small as you feel. You can include a few new things or just focus on one new item. But please do include something new and try to make it somewhat obvious too! I shouldn’t have to hunt around your level to find one new thing.


Next week I’ll pick some of my favorite courses and a winner.

How To Submit A Level — Instructions

1. Build a new course based on the challenge.

2. Name the level and please add “Kotaku AND / OR the theme this week into the name of the level. Once that’s done, upload it in Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

3. Then post the course ID into the comments, along with the name of the level and any other info you want to include. PLEASE include the name of the course in the comments.

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Just uploaded Zelda level: 5MT-W0Y-4YG Started planning this soon as I saw the trailer.