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Legendary Mario Player Is Building Some Of The Hardest Mario Maker 2 Levels You'll Ever See

Illustration for article titled Legendary iMario /iPlayer Is Building Some Of The Hardest iMario Maker 2/i Levels Youll Ever See

It’s a good thing you have to beat a level before uploading it in Super Mario Maker 2, or else who knows what kind of twisted horrors longtime player PangeaPanga would be coming up with?


Panga is a member of the Kaizo community, a group of bafflingly skilled Mario players who make and speedrun through ultra-tough platformers in which there’s no room for error. In a level like this, one imprecise jump or incorrect button press will kill you instantly. Kaizo levels are designed to confound even those of us who think we’re OK at playing Mario games, and they’re as delightful to watch as they are impossible to play.

For example, here was Panga’s first creation:


Beating stages like this is just not an option for us mortals—as hard as I’ve been trying—but watching Panga beat them is a joy.

The skill it takes not just to play these but to conceive of and design them is beyond belief.




Like I said, BAFFLINGLY skilled.

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I have basically 2 completely opposite reactions when I watch these:

1) They’re fun to see, and I appreciate the incredible talent involved


2) These stress me the hell out. Just watching a run is more stress than I want in my gaming.