Super Mario Maker 2 Now Lets You Create Worlds

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While previously Super Mario Maker 2 has been about creating Mario levels, the game’s final update adds something a bit bigger: a “World Maker.

As you can see in this introductory video below, you’ll now be able to create your own overworld maps, filling them with stops that lead to your own levels. There are even bonus stages and warp pipes.

We are, basically, after all these years of Super Mario Making, now able to fully create our own Super Mario games from start to finish. Which isn’t just a tidy way of organizing your stages, but also lets creators explore themes or stories that can tie levels together using the overworld.


Hell of a way for Nintendo to mark the game’s “final major update.

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Mr. MegaManFan

This is the single biggest thing Mario Maker has needed since its inception. Well played, Nintendo. I salute you!!