This is Friggin Boom Toys, who we last saw getting his head smacked around in the name of science. Now he’s dressed up as Spider-Man Noir and running around an indoor parkour centre to see if the suit holds up.

The next chapter in Spider-Man’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC, called Turf Wars, is out November 20. While it adds new story missions based around the crime boss Hammerhead, the DLC also brings new challenges, trophies, and Spidey suits, including the Spider-Armor MK, Iron Spider, and Spider-Clan Suits.

Stan Lee’s recent cameo in Marvel’s Spider-Man was more of a direct fourth-wall break than some of his other appearances. It was also pretty lovely, I thought. Rest in peace, Mr. Lee.

Spider-Man’s New Game+ mode has finally been added to the game. Version 1.07 also adds an Ultimate difficulty setting, new frames and stickers for photo mode, and the ability to access photo mode directly with one button press. New Game+ was originally expected at the game’s launch but got delayed.