Apr 30

Huh, SNK just released Gals’ Fighter on Switch. Neo Geo Pocket Color’s cool clicky stick let it host some strangely good fighters, and this was the cutest. Nice to see NGPC games reappearing, and $7.99 is a lot easier to swallow than the $450 a U.S. copy of Gals’ Fighter recently fetched.

Apr 16 2019

At a recent SNK investors event in South Korea, exec Ge Zhihui reportedly said that a Neo-Geo 2 and Neo-Geo 3 are in the planning stage. Details are scant, but these are apparently not Neo-Geo Mini successors. Also announced was a new Metal Slug in development for home consoles. 

Jan 25 2017

“The Neo Geo attracts collectors because, compared with coins, stamps, and comics, you can go years and not find what you’re looking for,” rare video game dealer Shawn McCleskey told The New Yorker in an interesting piece on the world of Neo Geo collecting. Read it right here