SNK Is Working On New Hardware Packed With Games

Illustration for article titled SNK Is Working On New Hardware Packed With Games
Image: SNK

The SNK brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary. To mark this milestone and to thank fans, the Osaka-based game company is working on a “new game machine” that will feature a compilation of popular Neo-Geo games.


In the teaser tweet, SNK Japan refers to the hardware as an “atarashii geemuki” (新しいゲーム機) or “new game machine.” I’m guessing that’s under that black cloak in the above image.

SNK discontinued its Neo-Geo system in the late 1990s. In 2012, a Neo-Geo branded handheld went on sale but has also been discontinued.

Will this “new game machine” be some sort of mini hardware like we’ve seen from Nintendo or Sega?

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Im getting a little tired of these Mircro-Consoles only having 2D games on them.

Like Sega has put out a bunch of mini Genesis systems, Nintendo put out the NES & SNES classic, Neo Geo has this and one they put out earlier, Atari had a retro console they released a few years back.

Its like every game company is nervous to rerelease old 3D games.