Kotaku Staff Writer Heather Alexandra and Editor In Chief Stephen Totilo sat down to play the greatest game of all time: Knack 2. You can watch the archived livestream here.

The biggest selling PS4 game during the console's first two days out in Japan? Famitsu reports that bundled game Knack "sold" 322,083 units, Yakuza: Restoration sold 73,086 units, Battlefield 4 sold 26,878 units, and Killzone Shadow Fall sold 25,978 units.

Somewhere out there there's a super-sized working PS4 controller that Sony created during the development of Knack according to Mark Cerny. Wild guess: the super-sized controller influenced the PS4's new trigger design, based on what Cerny says in the video below.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Drive Club will be available on the PlayStation 4 at launch; inFamous: Second Son will be released before the end of March 2014.