How The PS4 Came To Be

Ever wonder how the heads at Sony came up with the PlayStation 4?

Watch Mark Cerny, lead architect behind the console and director of upcoming PS4 exclusive Knack, give an in-depth lecture at Gamelab 2013 where he discusses the two decades' worth of history in console-making that influenced the path they'd take to creating Sony's next-generation machine.


It gets a little technical near the end, but it's certainly an interesting inside look.


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Look, I'd like some help here. No, seriously. Some technical help. I'm not a fanboy, so please...

At 40:03 the guy says himself that they (Sony) could use a very small edram along with DDR memory to accelerate the memory's bandwith to 1088 gigabits/s (yes, one thousand) instead of using the GDDR5 176 gigabits/s. The trick, he says, is that developer teams would have to create their own tools to master this capability.

So, here it goes: Microsoft put 8gb DRR3 and 32mb edram on the new Xbox. I don't expect the new Xbox to perform at 1088 gigabits/s - also because the new Xbox uses DDR3, not GDDR5 - but, even though the PS4 is going for 8gb GDDR5 (faster) memory, is it possible that the graphics in both systems will look pretty much the same again?