After Turning On A PS4, You Can Do All of This

In an interview over at the PlayStation Blog, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida shared a few thoughts about the PlayStation 4's interface—or rather, the most recent demonstration of the interface. » 9/02/13 11:30am 9/02/13 11:30am

This Is How You Hijack A League Of Legends Tournament

This must be one of the funniest e-Sports stream hijacks I've seen so far. During a League of Legends event at this year's Gamescom, someone in a classic creepy horse mask continuously kept distracting viewers from the commentators. So good. » 8/30/13 6:30pm 8/30/13 6:30pm

Tons of fighter jets and so, so many explosions. Strike Vector, Ragequit Corp's excellent-looking multiplayer arena air combat game, sure is coming along nicely—as evidenced by this new gameplay trailer, shared by the developers over the weekend. The game itself is expected to drop early next year. Can't wait! » 8/27/13 6:20am 8/27/13 6:20am

The Best Matches Of The StarCraft II World Championship Finals

As this dramatic recap footage shows above, StarCraft II and the Season 2 finals of the World Championship series took over Gamescom 2013 for the weekend. A new world champion was crowned and incredible games were played. We selected the best ones below. » 8/26/13 2:24pm 8/26/13 2:24pm

Tune In To The StarCraft II WCS Season 2 Finals During The Weekend

Season 2 of the StarCraft II World Championship Series is now in full effect at Gamescom 2013. During the weekend, one the 16 best players will be crowned World Champion. » 8/23/13 5:15pm 8/23/13 5:15pm

The best shooter dogs are Nazi cyborg dogs. Roll over, Call of Duty; this Gamescom screen for Wolfenstein: The New Order shows how shooter dogs should be done. It also shows a swastika armband, which maybe isn't the best idea for a screenshot celebrating a German trade show. But man, look at that dog. Catch more… » 8/23/13 1:30pm 8/23/13 1:30pm

Is Next-Gen Kinect Facial Scan As Magical As It Seems? Mixed Results.

Stand in front of the next-gen Kinect, the one that can read your heartbeat just by looking at you (it's true; I tried it), and in theory it can scan your face. In the Xbox One game Kinect Sports: Rivals, Kinect 2.0 should be able to turn you into a video game character. But can it really? » 8/23/13 10:40am 8/23/13 10:40am

Shadow Warrior is being rebooted next month. Flying Wild Hog's re-imagining of the classic, hilarious, and bloody 1997 first-person shooter will be arriving to PC on September 26. Naturally, there's a bloody trailer to go along with the release date announcement. Dig in! » 8/23/13 9:45am 8/23/13 9:45am

Assassin's Creed IV's "Stealth" trailer sure does involve a lot of murder. And it's not just stealthy murder, either. Semantics aside, I'm really looking forward to neck-stabbing some bad guys in the jungle. Even if I won't have the kick-ass music. Did I mention there's kick-ass music? Have a look above. » 8/23/13 8:15am 8/23/13 8:15am

Here's a humorously long list of banned questions for Hotline Miami 2, straight from the developers' gamescom booth. It might have been a slightly less time-consuming to put up a list of allowed questions. Maybe next year! In any case, the full list is below. » 8/23/13 6:45am 8/23/13 6:45am

Bungie Aiming Absurdly High With Destiny In New Trailer

Possibly the best-looking game of E3, the next-gen epic from the makers of Halo now also has a new trailer/developer-diary thing. In it, Bungie boasts: "This game has an activity for every mood." Raise that bar, Bungie! » 8/22/13 1:12pm 8/22/13 1:12pm

Oh Wow, This Is The Snazziest Pokémon Game Yet

Straight outta Germany, here's nine minutes of adorable new footage from Pokémon X, the latest entry in Nintendo's longrunning animal abuse simulator series. » 8/22/13 10:00am 8/22/13 10:00am

Next-Gen Graphics Engine Even Makes Water Evaporation Look Amazing

In Crysis studio Crytek's latest CryEngine tech demo, we can catch the engine's insane next-gen graphical capabilities. The best are the water effects shown in the above GIF. As the sun rises, the water dries up! That's great. » 8/22/13 9:20am 8/22/13 9:20am

Super-Powered Mayhem Looks Pretty Damn Good On PS4

The free-roaming super-powered action-adventure Infamous: Second Son appeared at Gamescom with a trailer featuring Fetch, a fellow conduit, who will presumably serve an important role of some sort in the game. Sidekick? Love interest? Escort mission target? We'll find out when the game drops in February for the PS4. » 8/22/13 9:00am 8/22/13 9:00am

Look At All The Colors in This PS4 Launch Game

Fresh from Gamescom, here's a brand new look at Knack, the amicable self-building golem star of the PS4's first big platformer. Well, you know, amicable until he starts throwing tanks around and bashing some heads in. Colorfully. If your curiosity's peaked, look for Knack on the PS4's launch day, on November 15. » 8/22/13 7:30am 8/22/13 7:30am

The View From Gamescom: I've never been to Gamescom, but I've always been curious about what the show floor looks like. So, it's almost like Videogamer's Matt Lees made this video just for me. Bonus: Find out if the Ryse centurion has got anything going on under his battle-dress. » 8/21/13 10:30pm 8/21/13 10:30pm

There Was an Xbox One Press Conference In Germany. Now You Can See It.

Microsoft decided not to livestream their Xbox One press conference from Germany yesterday, taking the quieter path than Sony. But today you can watch it and, if nothing else, see how much better their cameraperson was. » 8/21/13 4:45pm 8/21/13 4:45pm

Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!

Earlier this morning Blizzard revealed the first expansion for Diablo III with a cinematic trailer and some gameplay action. Breaking these two videos down into GIF format, we could easily jump to the conclusion that we finally might see a return to the dark, classic, trademark Diablo theme. » 8/21/13 12:30pm 8/21/13 12:30pm

To Be Fair, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes' Galactus Is OMG Squirrel Girl

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reveals its ultimate villain, and we are all acting surprised. I gasped audibly. We did not see this coming. Well, we did see it coming. We just didn't know it would be so freaky. » 8/21/13 10:20am 8/21/13 10:20am

Rain has a release date: IGN reports that Sony's PS3-exclusive downloadable adventure arrives on the first of October in the US, the second in Europe, and the third in Japan. Rain will cost $15, and comes with an extra music montage, an avatar pack, and a dynamic theme for those who preorder. » 8/21/13 8:00am 8/21/13 8:00am