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Next-Gen Graphics Engine Even Makes Water Evaporation Look Amazing

In Crysis studio Crytek's latest CryEngine tech demo, we can catch the engine's insane next-gen graphical capabilities. The best are the water effects shown in the above GIF. As the sun rises, the water dries up! That's great.


You can check the whole video below, including footage from Ryse and Crysis 3.

The engine will work with games made for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3.


CRYENGINE Demo [YouTube]

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and to think that all the time they spent making this, they could have used it to think of some new innovative gameplay ideas, But nope, let's make a bunch of stuff that will amuse the gamer for about 10 minutes and adds almost nothing except making it look good. We all know when Crysis 4 comes out (which it will) it will have these effects but still be a boring,bland, generic shooter.

Better graphics and stuff like this are detrimental to a game's overall quality.