The View From Gamescom: I've never been to Gamescom, but I've always been curious about what the show floor looks like. So, it's almost like Videogamer's Matt Lees made this video just for me. Bonus: Find out if the Ryse centurion has got anything going on under his battle-dress.


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Greg the Mad

Just a bit of insider knowledge: The people with the big, color coded badges are from the Game Developer Conference Europe that happens a some days earlier and parallel in the the building next to the Gamescom. Attending to this gives you a free Press-Pass for the Gamescom, so they can enter on the press day.
Though, not all use them because they're serious Game Developers after all. Some even didn't knew they'd get one, and we had to point it out to them when they received their badges.

And say nothing against the shirts thrown into the crowd. I got Portal2, and a nice Dofus Shirt from there. I also managed to sneak myself several CryEngine3 Shirts from GDCE, but don't tell anyone.

... Man I miss GDCE.