Diablo III's Expansion Sure Looks Dark. Finally!

Earlier this morning Blizzard revealed the first expansion for Diablo III with a cinematic trailer and some gameplay action. Breaking these two videos down into GIF format, we could easily jump to the conclusion that we finally might see a return to the dark, classic, trademark Diablo theme.


Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom that you see just below, is terrifying. Much more than the previous Diablo III bosses.


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Is Diablo 3 any good? Ive had my PC for a couple of months now and ive read many mixed things about the game. Ive never played any of the originals though people tell me Diablo 2 is fuckin fantastic. I love RPGs and dungeon crawling so this seems to be right up my alley, but ive read terrible things about the auction house and how they nerfed the game pretty hard....