Is Next-Gen Kinect Facial Scan As Magical As It Seems? Mixed Results.

Stand in front of the next-gen Kinect, the one that can read your heartbeat just by looking at you (it's true; I tried it), and in theory it can scan your face. In the Xbox One game Kinect Sports: Rivals, Kinect 2.0 should be able to turn you into a video game character. But can it really?


The official Xbox video up top shows Kinect Sports: Rivals' face-scanning at its magical best. The first 70 seconds are a marvel. The Kinect appears to outperform its predecessor as well any other camera-based facial scans seen in previous console generations.

One video isn't enough proof, though. It's edited. It's from Microsoft. Let's check some other demonstrations of this tech out shall we?


Here's one where it works well:

This next one? The scanning takes an eternity and puts hair on the man's shaved head. Not so hot.

And then there's this one. The scan time is fairly short. The results are decent.

So... not quite as magical as it appears at first, but a next-gen step up?

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