Nov 29 2018

Hitman 2 is getting its first Escalation challenge. The mission takes place in Santa Fortuna and adds a series of complicated conditions for players to complete. They are serious fun and you should totally give it a try!

Jun 1 2017

Even with their future in question, Hitman developer Io Interactive is still adding new content to the game. This months, Hitman will get several new contracts and elusive targets as well as a “game update” that the studio’s being vague about. You can read all the details on their website.

May 28 2014

Here's the first bit of artwork from the next Hitman game. Sadly that's all we're gonna get for a while since developer IO Interactive also said that it won't be showing the game at E3 next month. For the time being, read more about upcoming Hitman news here.