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Mar 20 2019

Today’s Nindies Spring Showcase kicks off at noon Eastern. It’s a 30-minute presentation featuring a slew of independent games coming to the Switch. Watch it right here or via our YouTube embed.

Apr 2 2018

What happens when you spend a ton of money on your indie game and then nobody buys it? This postmortem of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is worth reading for its candor. “So far, I have made $0 from the game.” (Note: Kotaku staff writer Gita Jackson wrote for the game.)

Mar 16 2017

Apple’s is showcasing a ton of cool indie games in iTunes. Outstanding new releases like Ticket to Earth, Euclidean Lands, Oxenfree and Beglitched are on sale, along with an army of $.99 classics. There are far worse ways to spend a couple of dollars.

Jun 24 2014

It's kind of like XCOM, starring figures from the Revolutionary War. Upcoming sci-fi indie strategy game Outland 17 looks pretty interesting. The folks behind it are targeting a Q1 2015 release. More info on their website.