A Bunch Of New Indies We've Been Eager For Are Coming To Switch Soon (Like CrossCode)

CrossCode is coming to Switch this year, so soon you’ll all be able to see what we’ve been raving about. Also in Nintendo indie news: the strategy game Wargroove is out next week, Goat Simulator hits Switch right now, and the people behind SteamWorld Dig are making a new card role-playing game called SteamWorld Quest.


CrossCode, which would have probably been one of my top 3 games of 2018 had I not started playing it in 2019, is the most exciting news in this morning’s Nintendo indies video. But there’s plenty more:

  • Wargroove, a spiritual successor to Advance Wars, is out February 1 and looks astounding.
  • The press material for SteamWorld Quest describes it as “a team-based card collecting role-playing game set to an epic story around what it means to be a hero.” Not exactly what I’d expect from the makers of the Metroidvania SteamWorld Dig, but development studio Image & Form has been playing with new genres since they launched.
  • Other games coming to Switch include Double Kick Heroes, Inmost, Forager.
  • Games out on Switch right now (surprise!) include Goat Simulator, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, and Unruly Heroes.

For all the announcements and trailers and fancy sizzle footage, watch the full video above.



I know CrossCode, Wargroove, and the new SteamWorld game are bound to make most of the headlines this morning, but I wanted to make sure people don’t overlook the very last game mentioned on this list, Unruly Heroes.

It was developed by an independent French studio, Magic Design Studios, with a lot of ex-Ubisoft talent. An action/platforming game, heavily influenced by games like Rayman Origins and Legends (makes sense, given a lot of the people who made this game came from working on Rayman). Also has split-screen and online (I believe, at least) co-op, as well as a Smash-inspired multiplayer mode.

Played it back when it was on display at an event in Paris, and had the chance to interview a marketing director at the studio about the game and its devs. Very warm lady, was extremely nice to me (even kind enough to gently point out that I had misspelled the name of the game when I had gone back to do the write up of a feature I was doing on the game).

Anyways, for Switch owners looking for something for a spiritual successor to Rayman, and even maybe a substitute for PvP action between rounds of Smash, definitely don’t sleep on it! Sucks that the game never really drummed up much hype, and I have to wonder how many decent games get swept under the rug due to language barriers or poor social media pushes.