I Am Alive Creator Insists He's Not Opposed to a PC Port and Didn't Mean to Piss Off PC Gamers

Yesterday, Stanislas Mettra was quoted by IncGamers as saying some, well, very inflammatory things about why I Am Alive, the upcoming downloadable title for Xbox 360 and PS3, didn't have a PC port. Mettra's now written us—not to give the usual "I was misquoted," or "taken out-of-context" dodge—but to say that if his…

I Am Alive's Creator Does Just About Everything He Can to Piss Off PC Gamers in Explaining Why They Don't Get a Version of the Game

Here's a heartwarming tale full of good holiday cheer. In an interview with IncGamers, Stanislas Mettra, the creative director behind Ubisoft's thought-provoking survival tale I Am Alive said chances of a PC port are about zero because a) um, piracy and b) lol, nobody buys PC games anymore.