Every Action Has a Cost in I Am Alive

The latest developer diary for Ubisoft Shanghai's I Am Alive goes behind the scenes of the game's creation.


A huge disaster has dragged a city back to instinctual basics, and "90% of the human race is gone." The diary shows off a handsome amount of footage as to how you'll survive, using what's in your inventory to preserve stamina in a world where "every [action] has a cost."

Check out our two previews of the game here and here.


few things to get off my chest:

1. does anyone fucking speak english around here? (in the video)

2. realistic stamina? wow it regenerates really realistically.

3. what's with the lifelessness and shitty animation about the woman with broken leg and her friend?

4. a unique survival experience that you can't find anywhere else? — bitch please go learn something from metro 2033 or some other game.