I Am Alive Creator Insists He's Not Opposed to a PC Port and Didn't Mean to Piss Off PC Gamers

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Yesterday, Stanislas Mettra was quoted by IncGamers as saying some, well, very inflammatory things about why I Am Alive, the upcoming downloadable title for Xbox 360 and PS3, didn't have a PC port. Mettra's now written us—not to give the usual "I was misquoted," or "taken out-of-context" dodge—but to say that if his words sound a little extreme, it's because he is not a native English speaker.


It still doesn't soften his remark that many PC gamers who complain about these decisions really don't intend to buy the game. To be fair, I've leveled the same accusation at those who offer tendentious complaining about sports video games. Of course, being a native English speaker I can nuance it as "tendentious complaining." Mettra called it "bitching," and that sounds a lot worse.

"We have worked hard to resurrect this project and we would love to have the PC build as well," Mettra told Kotaku in an email overnight.

In remarks to IncGamers that Mettra forwarded to Kotaku, Mettra says that "some sentences of me have been reported and somehow strongly focused on, leading to me looking like despising PC gamers.

"I would really love to see a PC build of the game and I don't think I meant to say, 'the game won't happen on PC.'" Mettra continued. "It's probably an English language miscommunication. What I meant is that the pc version did not happen yet. But we are still working to see the feasibility of it, which is not necessarily simple. I gave some examples to illustrate the problematic, but obviously it is not in my hands and not my part to talk about this."

Mettra did, however, say that issues such as piracy and depressed sales of PC games made a hypothetical 50,000 copies sold not worth the effort of a port. Still, his position is not that no port ever will be done.


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Rachel Fogg

There's a way of saying what you're saying without looking like a complete dbag, even if you might SOME valid points, when you come off like a jerk...it's VERY hard to look past that and agree.

There IS piracy on the PC but there's piracy everywhere, I would understand if this was some little indie studio but this is UBISOFT. You guys can't possibly be hemorrhaging for munnies...

Yes the cost for porting must be pretty hefty, but can't you do a limited run or something with this game? Instead of painting all the PC gamers as a much of whiny elitist pirates...and thus pissing off everyone. No one wants to be lumped in with the bad apples.

You're part of a company man, be a professional..