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Jul 20 2016

Here’s the debut trailer for HD remake of The Silver Case. While at Bit Summit, I spoke to game designer Goichi Suda about the game and about the need for Japan to preserve its game history.

May 6 2016

Grasshopper Manufacture is remaking The Silver Case for PC, reports Famitsu. The game was originally released in Japan back in 1999, and the remake is slated to release this year worldwide.

Apr 19 2016

The last time we saw Let It Die, the upcoming PS4 title from No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda, was back in 2014. Here’s the latest look, which has more protective headgear than the previous trailer.

Jul 16 2013

Goichi Suda's side-scrolling shooter Sine Mora is out on iOS. The game will also be available for Android "before the end of the month." Here's a few screenshots.