Ladykiller in a Bind creator Christine Love gives a talk at GDC about sex as a reward in games. “The problem with ‘the chase’ is that it’s one-sided,” Love explained to a room of Sexy Microtalks attendees. Love instead suggests making sex a crucial and indispensible aspect of gameplay, not just a reward. When sex is

Divinity Original Sin 2 had a disastrous production, according to director Swen Vincke, who said in a postmortem panel at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that they didn’t finish the writing until months before the game came out. They even changed a chunk of Sebille’s origin story one week before

Neo Cab is an upcoming narrative game about the ride-share gig economy in the far future where drivers compete with self-driving cars. The player must regulate protagonist Lena’s mood, displayed on her biofeed bracelet, while also balancing her Neo Cab driver rating—two things that might come in conflict when a

Are you at GDC in San Francisco this week? Maddy and I will be doing a Kotaku Splitscreen meet-n-greet in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel at 2pm on Wednesday, March 20. Come say hi, show us your games, and/or make an offer to buy us from Univision?

If you’re looking for something to scratch that Inside-ish puzzle platformer itch, Stela, out later this year for Xbox and PC, just might. We gave the moody indie game a spin today for its debut at GDC and, so far, it seems tricky and beautiful.

This year’s Game Developers Conference will have a keynote from a new contender in the world of video games: Google. It’ll take place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 19 at 10am PT. “All will be revealed at the Google keynote,” the company says. Get ready for the full unveil of Yeti and Project Stream.