4:55 PM

Apocalyptic ice age simulator Frostpunk got its first expansion today adding a new map for the game’s endless mode called The Rifts. The game is also getting a few more updates later this year, including a new scenario and a handful of other endless mode maps. 

8:31 AM

11 bit studios’ chilly survival city-builder Frostpunk arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in October. The digital version of the port will release on October 11 for $29.99, with a $34.99 physical version of the port from Merge Games coming to North America October 24. Port, port, port. 

8:24 AM

Snowy city-builder Frostpunk is coming to Xbox One and PS4 this summer. The console version will contain all the free updates as the PC version.

12:10 PM

Frostpunk’s survivor mode is live today. The mode only has pause in menus and you can only save on exit, so there goes my ability to retcon my bad decisions. Sounds fun!

11:05 AM

11 bit studios, maker of frigid survival sim Frostpunk, has laid out a road map for the game’s free 2018 updates. First up is the new Survivor mode planned to arrive in June, which increases the difficulty and adds more modifiers. That’ll be followed by a new story scenario and sandbox mode later in the year.