Frostpunk's Christmas Update Does Not Bring Good Tidings

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In Frostpunk’s frozen apocalypse, there is little room for festive cheer. Which is why the game’s Christmas update, which could have been a chance for a rare moment of joy in the lives of the game’s freezing inhabitants, is instead just another chance for the developers to make you feel like shit.


The Christmas Carol adds a new storyline, based around the idea that the huddled survivors would like you to keep on celebrating Christmas, even though it’s the end of the world.

You can either bah humbug the whole thing, deciding that manpower and supplies are best kept in reserve. Or you can decide to work a little harder and let everyone celebrate Christmas, regardless of the toll this will take on the colony’s reserves.


As with everything else in Frostpunk, there’s no “right” decision, as either approach will at best upset a lot of people, and more regularly get folks killed. If you do decide to celebrate the day, though, you’ll get a morale boost and a nice Christmas tree to build in the colony, so there is that, I guess.

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Charles Engasser

I think Frostpunk is a great looking game set in an interesting environment.

It’s painfully shallow though, too shallow to play long. And somewhat unbalanced (Once you can build automatons there’s simply no way things can fail unless you can’t find enough steam cores, and in my last game, I gave up after I had built 15 automatons and had 50+ cores in storage.)

You can’t avoid comparing it to Banished for starters, which is a far better constructed game.

And I recently started playing Oxygen not Included. Which, on the surface looks simple enough, but turns out to be a massively complex endeavor. The more I play it, the more concerned I get that I’m actually going to have to learn something for real in order to keep playing it. I haven’t gotten to this part of the tech tree yet, but I noticed automation stops including things like AND gates, OR gates and BUFFER Gates, among others.