5:20 PM

The twitchy roguelike Wizard of Legend got a big free update called Thundering Keep across all platforms today. It adds a new boss, stage, enemies, and dozens of new spells and items. The game is also still on Game Pass on both Xbox One and PC and very much worth checking out.

10:20 AM

Wargroove’s free Double Trouble DLC is coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PC on February 6, with the PS4 version to follow later. In addition to a new coop story campaign and units, the update will also add competitive quick play maps and more mission editor tools.

9:05 PM

One Monster RPG is a game in which you raise a slime as though it was your own... so you can kill it. You play as a level 99 hero who’s on the tantalizing cusp of level 100, but there’s only one monster left in the world, and it’s history’s scrawniest slime. So you lead the slime around, letting it devour animals,

3:30 AM

Free!, Kyoto Animation’s popular swimming anime series, was supposed to get new info tomorrow about its upcoming Free! feature film. Those announcements have been canceled. [Update July 18 - 5:06 am: An earlier version of this story stated that the movie itself had been canceled. That is incorrect. We regret the error.

9:24 AM

The tiny world of Polyarc’s mouse-based virtual reality game is getting bigger. MossTwilight Garden expansion adds a new chapter to Quill’s adventure, with more puzzles and enemies to defeat and equipment to earn. The free update launches with the Oculus Quest on May 21 and comes to other VR platforms in June.

5:40 PM

The super-twitchy, theory-crafting rich roguelike Wizard of Legend got a massive free update on every platform today. There’s a new Sky Palace stage, a new Council of Magic wizard, a bunch of new enemies, relics, and arcana, and an endless mode. The full patch notes are available here.

10:50 AM

Overcooked 2 gets a free Chinese New Year update today that adds new kitchens, chefs, and recipes. Most notably, it also brings a new survival mode where you try to cook for as long as possible as each new dish adds more time to the clock.