Yarntown Is A Free 2D Zelda-Like Remake of Bloodborne

Yarntown gameplay
Gif: Max Mraz

Bloodborne is a dark and difficult action RPG set in a highly detailed 3D world. Yarntown, a free indie game released yesterday, takes part of that world and reimagines it as a top-down, colorful, Zelda-inspired adventure.


Developed by Max Mraz, Yarntown was built using the Solarus engine and is a colorful remake of Central Yharnam from 2015's Bloodborne. It even includes some boss fights from that area of the original FromSoftware RPG.

Combat in Yarntown isn’t as difficult or complex as the action in Bloodborne, but the small game does include dodge rolls, stamina, quicksilver bullets, and blood vial mechanics. You can even upgrade weapons in the Hunter’s Dream, which has also been recreated.

While Yarntown isn’t an exact replica of Central Yarnham, it’s got many of the same shortcuts and enemies, including rabid dogs, huntsman and as mentioned before, both bosses from this part of Bloodborne.

If you want to play Yarntown, it’s available now for free on Itch.io.


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I never understand why people who make fan games don’t just make original games, inspired by what they love. First of all, it’ll shield them from any copyright/DMCA/cease-and-desist problems, which these games are always in danger of being taken down. The creators make it that way by opening acknowledging and stating outright “This is a remake of this.” I rather for them to make something original, that they can actually own, rather than spends weeks, months, years on something and then lose the right to legally have and work on it.

Also I don’t think any of these games ever did themselves any favors by comparing themselves to games that are so beloved.