Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Summer Update Will Let You Go Swimming

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Screenshot: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a free summer update on July 3 that will add swimming, diving, and a bunch of new furniture to transform your house into a mermaid grotto.


Nintendo revealed the update in a trailer this morning that shows the player diving for treasure and chatting with another villager they find out in the water. According to a press release, some of the stuff you discover underwater will be new sea creature specimens that can be given to Blathers for him to add to the museum’s collection.

The free update also marks the return of Pascal, the red sea otter philosopher with a taste for scallops. You’ll be able to trade any scallops you find while swimming to him in exchange for new DIY recipes to build some really kitschy mermaid stuff. Gulliver is also washing up on the shore again, this time dressed like a pirate, because that poor seagull just can’t catch a break.

Mostly I’m just excited to finally be able to step off my island’s beach into the beautiful waters surrounding it. It’s summer, and it’s hot, and I need some chill.

This summer update is only the first, though. Nintendo says another is on the way in early August.

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