Fallout: New California, a New Vegas mod that’s been in development for nine years, will finally come out this October. Its creators announced the news with a new trailer and said that in the meanwhile they’ll be adding more side quests to it as well as running a beta starting in July.

Someone went ahead and recreated the island from the TV show Lost using Far Cry 5's map editor. It’s not completely to scale, but user PSFREAK33 did their best to add every memorable location from the show, from the DHARMA Initiative stations to Sun’s garden. The map’s currently only available on PS4.

Someone recreated Super Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City in Minecraft. They built it using the base version and the whole thing took about three weeks. While the scale and scope is impressive, the pixel art-adorned buildings are the best part. You can see the whole thing in more detail over on Imgur