6:50 PM

Check out these custom Joy-Con grips a modder created to try and make his Switch feel more ergonomic in handheld mode. They aren’t the slickest looking it’s an interesting DIY solution to Switch’s existing flat, somewhat cramped layout. A full video of the custom grips along with instructions are available on Reddit

4:55 PM

Fancy a game of post-apocalyptic chess? Someone decided to put all their extra Vault Boy statues to use and make a life-size chessboard at their camp in Fallout 76. Fittingly, the queens are Deathclaws.

4:15 PM

Fallout: New California, a New Vegas mod that’s been in development for nine years, will finally come out this October. Its creators announced the news with a new trailer and said that in the meanwhile they’ll be adding more side quests to it as well as running a beta starting in July.