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This Breakfast Looks Deliciously Real But Was Actually Made In Dreams

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Image  from Dreams on PS4
Image from Dreams on PS4
Screenshot: John Beech (Twitter)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to science and my mom. But while this big plate of breakfast looks tasty, it sadly can’t be eaten. This entire meal was not made in a real kitchen but was actually created in the video game Dreams on PS4.

The delicious image was created by John Beech, a senior designer at Media Molecule, the company that developed Dreams. He posted his creation to Twitter.


At first glance, the images appear to just be photos of a big breakfast. But what is even more impressive is that on closer expectation, the image still looks real. Eggs have air bubbles, bits of food are more burned than other bits and stuff like the bread looks less shiny than the greasy sausages. It is a truly remarkable creation that was made entirely in Dreams. Beech later uploaded a video of the Dreams imp, a creature you control that acts as a cursor in the game, bouncing around the realistic food. It is strange to watch.


If you want to load up this meal in Dreams and play around with it, Beech has made it publicly available to anyone.

Since it was released, Dreams has been used by many people to create some amazing things. Folks have created cute Godzilla-like games, recreated Metal Gear Solid, made puppet shows and even a new Star Wars X-Wing game.