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This Star Wars X-Wing Game Was Made By A Fan In Dreams

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Project Genesis (YouTube)

Every week it seems Dreams creators are building more and more impressive levels and mini-games. The latest fan creation that has caught my attention is a Star Wars space-combat game where you get to control an X-Wing Starfighter and fight the Empire.

As showcased in a video by the YouTube channel ProjectGenesis, this creation looks and plays like something you might find in a Battlefront game. The level is called Star Wars Forcefighter and was created by PSN user Gauffreman.

This cool creation even features sounds effects and music that sound just like you would expect. And space combat is fluid and really does remind me of Battlefront 2's space combat, which for many was the best part of that game.


Forcefigher isn’t a large game. It only features one area and the basic objective of “Shoot TIE Fighters.” Still, an impressive creation for a game that isn’t even technically out yet. Dreams is currently in a paid Early Access period, letting players jump in early for a fee.

Add this level to the already large list of cool stuff made in Dreams, including Dexter’s Lab and Metal Gear Solid’s opening level. What’s next?