Sailor Moon Mod Makes Slay The Spire Even More Magical

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In the name of the Moon, you should try this mod!

Slay the Spire is really two games in one. There’s the version the creators at MegaCrit made with a campaign that spans three acts and includes three heroes. Then there’s the version that allows mods, through which the game’s many fans have cooked up all sorts of custom campaigns featuring alternative heroes and new cards. Of the dozens of Slay the Spire mods I’ve tried though, “The Senshi” featuring Sailor Moon has quickly become one of my favorites.


Created by Steam user Aelie and uploaded to the platform’s Workshop last week, The Senshi adds a bunch of Sailor Moon-themed cards and mechanics as well as the titular hero herself, letting you attempt to traverse the campaign’s brutal dungeons with a new set of abilities. All of Sailor Moon’s attack cards are augmented by her Magic, a stat that can be raised during battle using various support cards. When her Magic stat maxes out she can use another card to transform, just like in the show. That lifts the ceiling on her power so the stat can be boosted even higher.

Outside of this strategy, the mod introduces a bunch of other cards—75 in all—that tie-into other characters and moments from the anime. There’s Luna’s Bite, in which Sailor Moon’s feline guardian deals three damage to an enemy three times in a row, as well as Rose Throw, in which she channels Tuxedo Mask’s iconic entrance to weaken an enemy’s attack and defense. My favorite is Late For School in which oversleeping allows Sailor Moon to sacrifice two points of Determination to draw two extra cards.

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As fun as the new cards and mechanics are, what really helps set Aelie’s mod apart is all of the new art. In addition to a fully animated sprite for Sailor Moon, each of the cards includes an image from the show illustrating the attack. There are even some cards that have a Team Work mechanic which allow the other Sailor Scouts, like Jupiter, to show up and help Moon out for a turn.

The mod is only available for the PC version of the game. It is easy to install by following the directions on the Steam page. As one commenter suggested, grab some headphones, boot up some Sailorwave, and prepare to triumph over evil.



As a sailor moon fan i want to play this, art looks nice, is there a story to the mod? How long is the campaign?