11:20 AM

The Nintendo Switch eShop just got easier to use with the 5.1.0 firmware update. The Best Sellers page now lists 30 games instead of just 20 with an additional option for download-only games. It’s also now possible to click on developers’ names to find other games they’ve made. Now if only there was voice chat.

10:27 AM

Oh hey, Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to the 3DS eShop on September 22nd, same day as the Switch version of Pokken. Like other Virtual Console versions of Pokémon, you will be able to battle and trade wirelessly.

7:00 AM

Reminder! The Nintendo DSi Shop ends on March 31. In Japan, there’s a program to move unused DSi points to the Nintendo eShop or even convert them to a cash refund. The Japanese program starts April 3 and ends September 29. No word yet for Nintendo’s plans in the West.

3:13 PM

Box Box Boy, the sequel to one of the best 3DS games of 2015, will be available on the 3DS eShop on June 30. Costumes from the original game will carry over, so you’ve got until then to catch up. Check out our impressions of the Japanese release here.

6:19 PM

Nintendo 64 and DS games are coming to the Wii U! This includes classics like Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island DS, both of which are releasing tonight on the eShop.

5:20 AM

The Pokémon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Color is making its way to the 3DS eShop... in Europe. The game will arrive on Thursday, and will cost €5. We've contacted Nintendo to ask when (or if) the game will come to the US eShop, and will update you should they reply. (via Kotaku UK, image from GameFAQs)