Nintendo Allows Cancelations For Digital Game Pre-Orders (In Japan, For Now)

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Previously, if you pre-ordered a digital Nintendo game and then changed your mind, tough! As soon as the order was placed, your credit card was charged. That’s now changed—in the Japanese eShop, at least.

Starting today, customers can cancel their pre-order games up to seven days before release, free of charge. After that window has passed, however, cancellation is not possible.

When shopping for unreleased digital games, Nintendo points out that titles with pre-orders that can be canceled have a button that reads yoyaku ni susumu (予約にすすむ) or “continue to pre-order”. Games that have already passed that time window will have a button that reads, kounyuu ni susumu (購入にすすむ), or “continue to purchase.”


Nintendo adds that a “cancel pre-order” button will also be displayed on the screen listing players’ pre-orders. If said button is not displayed, then it is no longer possible to cancel.

Not yet announced internationally, this feature is being rolled out today in Japan and does not cover games that were pre-ordered up to August 31, as those charges were settled at the time of pre-ordering.

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GameXplain just did a video on this feature using the North American eShop, so I’m pretty sure it’s not just in Japan.