Streamer Suspended From Twitch For Playing Pokémon Game That Came Out Early In Australia

Illustration for article titled Streamer Suspended From Twitch For Playing iPokémon /iem/emGame That Came Out Early In Australia

Australian streamer Mark “Werster” McKenzie received a temporary ban from Twitch last week, because the service said the Pokémon game he was playing was “unauthorised pre-release content”. Even though he’d bought the game from Nintendo’s own store.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were released in the US on November 17, but because of time differences, they hit Australian shelves on November 16. While on holiday in Germany, Werster took advantage of his Australian eShop account to get hold of Ultra Sun, and began streaming its first hours live.

As Kotaku Australia reports the stream was soon cut short, however, when Nintendo of America filed a DMCA takedown notice. Leaving him understandably unimpressed.


Werster quickly filed a counter-claim, and his stream was eventually brought back online, though not until after the North American release of the games.

Let this be today’s reminder that DMCA takedowns still suck.

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Nintendo really hates things they can’t control with a wrinkled executive’s iron fist.