11:05 AM

BlizzCon, Blizzard’s annual convention for all things, well, Blizzard, will take place November 1 and 2 this year. Tickets go on sale May 4. The event will host all of the regular esports tournaments for games like Overwatch and Hearthstone, and who knows, Blizzard might even announce another mobile game.

3:20 PM

As I rushed to an interview at BlizzCon this morning, I found my path blocked by a procession of murlocs. There were at least 30 of them—likely more. They were walking from the show floor to the convention center’s doors. For what purpose, we will probably never know.

2:45 PM

Announced today at Blizzcon 2018, World of Warcraft Classic will launch in the summer of 2019. Fans attending the convention or watching via the virtual ticket can download a demo of the legacy version of the game this weekend to see how hard we had it back in 2004.