2:22 PM

The next chapter in the ARK: Survival Evolved saga is ARK: Genesis. It’s a story-driven expansion being delivered in two parts, one in December and the second in winter 2020. The trailer shows off new areas and new critters, including little shapeshifting cuties. Players can pre-purchase an ARK: Genesis season pass to

10:26 PM

Coming to Steam on December 13 from Studio Wildcard, makers of ARK: Survival Evolved, Atlas is a massively multiplayer survival game set in a fantasy world filled with magical creatures. Look for it to hit Xbox One next year as part of that whole hitting Xbox One first program. You know the one.

10:13 AM

Ark: Survival Evolved launches on PlayStation 4 December 6. The PS4 version includes both the base version of Wildcard Studios dino-survival hit and the desert-themed Scorched Earth expansion for $54.99. Hit up the Ark website for more info.

3:20 PM

Ark: Survival of the Fittest will come to PS4 on July 19, developer Studio Wildcard said today. This is an arena survival spinoff of the popular dinosaur game Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s in Early Access on PC right now, and the PS4 version will also launch in beta.

6:15 PM

Despite reports that Ark: Survival Evolved runs crappy on Xbox One, the developers have announced it’s getting split-screen support, which is cool! It’s not clear when split-screen will be patched into the game, but hopefully it comes alongside some other performance improvements. More split-screen!

8:20 AM

The popular Steam Early Access dino game Ark: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One on December 16th, using the console’s own early access system, that launched earlier this year.