Vin Diesel Is Fighting Dinosaurs In Ark 2

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Screenshot: Studio Wildcard

Ark 2 starring Vin Diesel was announced today during The Game Awards, developed by Studio Wildcard. No release date was given. The studio also announced a new animated series with a surprisingly star-studded cast, including Kurt Russel, Elliot Page, David Tennant, and many more.


In a trailer we see Vin Diesel running away from a big dinosaur and not much else.

Also announced today during the show was a new Ark: The Animated Series, coming in 2022. According to Studio Wildcard, the series will “explore Helena’s story” whatever that means.

Take a look at that voice cast though. Studio Wildcard must either be spending a lot of money on this or has somehow tricked a lot of actors into thinking this Ark series is something more than an animated show based on a survival game. Or both!



It it’s kind of jarring reading Ellen Page on this article, right next to a link to another one about deadnaming people. Him particularly.