ARK: Survival Evolved Wraps Its Story With Doctor Who’s David Tennant

Nailed it.
Nailed it.
Photo: Studio Wildcard / Joe Maher (Getty Images)

ARK: Survival Evolved, in anticipation of its upcoming Vin Diesel-led sequel, is closing out its overarching story with the release of today’s expansion, Genesis Part 2. Oh, and Doctor Who is in there, too.

ARK: Survival Evolved (YouTube)

Although ARK may look like just another survival game on its surface, developer Studio Wildcard has spent the last six years crafting an underlying plot for fans willing to do some digging. The adventure comes to an end in Genesis Part 2 with the conclusion of the conflict between robotic companion HLN-A, voiced by Picnic at Hanging Rock’s Madeleine Madden, and antagonist Sir Edmund Rockwell, played by Doctor Who’s David Tennant. Both actors are set to reprise these roles in future ARK projects.


Picking up where the previous expansion left off, Genesis Part 2 introduces ARK players to an entirely new world with unique environments and animal life. And while survival is still the name of the game, the update also includes story-based missions that are meant to prepare folks for the sequel. The above trailer even appears to include a brief tease of Vin Diesel’s as-of-yet unnamed character from the ARK II reveal.

Genesis Part 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and the Epic Games Store as part of the $29.99 season pass, with Switch and Stadia releases planned for sometime in the future.

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Sinister Portent

My youngest daughter and I have been playing Ark Splitscreen for close to five years now. It’s our go to co-op game. Almost all of that time was on a base model PS4. It’s performance was not the best, but we still enjoyed it. Even during the time there was a bug in Splitscreen that made her shadows show up on my part of the screen. She was 8 when we started playing, so we’ve played with various settings turned up and down as needed. It’s been enjoyable enough that we would dive in to each expansion as well.

When my son got me a PS5 from one of his fickle friends, The change in playing Ark was revelatory. It made me wonder how we ever managed to play on the PS4. We’ve messed with Ark Genesis part 1, but it is so..structured it really doesn’t suite our play style. We like building bases and taming critters for the most part. Part 2 is looking much more promising.

It is, naturally, a game that holds a special place for me.