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Kotaku Originals: Wonder Septuplet Powers, Activate!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This being the E3 week, we churned out a huge amount of reporting and you consumed it in record-breaking numbers. Knowing that this post would serve as an E3 recap of sorts, I've categorized some things out in the jump. This covers stories that we tagged original; there might have been some others from the conference that didn't get that tag. Either way, this is our comprehensive E3 coverage list, so if you're not seeing something below, check that.

As a part-timer and the least experienced game writer on this staff, I had my own impressions of E3 which I will write up later, from an outsider's perspective. (I was only there Sunday and Monday). We all work in separate cities, and this event allows us a time to work together, in person. And the Kotaku staff of Fahey, Bash, McWhertor, Leigh, Adam, Maggie and of course, Crecente - with help from Gawker managing editor Noah Robischon in Los Angeles, and Jim Reilly working offsite on multimedia assets - came together like a team of superheroes to put out one hell of a report for you this week. They're all recovering this weekend, but show the Supa-Kotakufriends a little love in the comments.



Nintendo Introduces Wii Motion Plus

Xbox Division FINALLY Reports Profitable Year

Tretton: Sony Considering PSP with Harddrive

Mario & Zelda Teams Both "Hard At Work" On Wii Games

The New Xbox Experience: Just The Facts (And Maybe Some Conjecture)

Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Booth Babes


Much more after the jump.

Liveblogs, News Conferences and Fact Checks:

Liveblogging Microsoft e3 2008 Press Conference

Fact-Checking Microsoft's E3 Presser

Nintendo E3 08 Press Conference Liveblog

Fact-Checking Nintendo's E3 Presser

Sony E3 08 Press Conference Liveblog

Fact-Checking Sony's E3 Presser

Liveblogging Konami's E3 2008 Press Conference

Liveblogging Take-Two's 2008 E3 Press Conference

Capcom E3 08 Press Conference Liveblog - Lost Planet The Movie

Ubisoft E3 08 Press Conference Liveblog

The EA E3 2008 Press Conference In Pictures

Page K Blind Items

New Game Announcements

PS3 "Massive Action Game" Announced; Promises Battles Up to 256 Players

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest For Booty Announced For PSN

Galaga Gets First True Sequel

Fable II Coming In October

Is Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Coming To Japan? "Ask Them"

Tretton Says No 360 Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Japan

GTA Coming To The DS With China Town Wars

It's Official - Animal Crossing Wii Is Coming


Statements and Executive Speak

Miyamoto: Wii Music Is "Better Than A Video Game"

ESA: This Is The "Golden Age" Of Gaming

ESA Prez Gallagher: Industry Must Not Abandon Its Base

CEO Ben Feder On Turning Things Around At Take-Two

Texas Governor Perry Encourages Game Biz

Exchanging Words With John Schappert

Interview: Catching Up On Microsoft's Big Announcements

Interview: Riccitiello Doesn't Fear Activision Blizzard

Interview: EA Boss Riccitiello Aims To Win You Over

Tretton Explains the Long Road to Home

Non E3

Coming To XBLA: My Frequent Death, Castle Crashers

NCAA 09 Glitch Corrupts Pre-Release Roster Files

Game Marathons: Fad, or Going the Distance?

The Meaning of Ninjy

PS3 Video Service Is Region-Locked


General Coverage:

The Miracle Of Science: Checking Out Monster Lab

DC Universe Online - Opening The Door

Fun With Trivia: Passing Around Buzz! Master Quiz

Bionic Commando Has Control Issues

Damnation - One To Watch

Portal Still Alive Will Include New Puzzles, But No New Plot

MadWorld - Black, White, And Red All Over

Silent Hill: Homecoming Gets Pyramid Head, PC Version

How Power Outages and WTO Protests Influenced inFamous

Alpha Protocol - Mass Effect For The Solo Spy Set

Flock: Sheep Death In A Toy World

Sonic Unleashed: Half Classic, Half Stretchy Werewolf

Rethinking Kids' Games: Disney Interactive At E3

Jizz Mopping Through The Dildo Wonderland

Bayonetta - Beware The Hair Dragons

Resident Evil 5: Killing Zombies WIth My Best Girl

Not Excited About Lips? Maybe You Should Be

Wii Sports Resort Will Sell Like Hotcakes, Hands-on Impressions

Free Realms - The Best MMO At E3?

Funcom - Age Of Conan Reviewable In A Month

Flower - Petals On The Wind

Rock Band 2: Perfecting The Game

Left 4 Dead May Get Machinima Maker Post Launch

Hands On: Spore On iPhone Is Pretty Much FlOw

Sega: No Plans For Shenmue III, Seaman 2

John Riccitiello, Little Sister Killer

Sony Announce New $200 PSP Bundle

PS2 "Family Value Pack" Is Indeed Good Value

Wii Music Impressions

The New 80GB PS3: Just The Conjecture (And Maybe Some Facts)

Why A Castlevania Fighting Game? Ask Iga!

Dead Space Producer Chuck Beaver Talks Survival Horror In Halo's Era

Hands On With Castlevania Judgment

LittleBigPlanet Sorta Dated, Slightly Delayed

Carmack Talks: From id/EA to Mac gaming and PS3 Programming

More DS Strumming - Guitar Hero On Tour Decades

id Leave Activision For EA

Microsoft Releasing LE Red, Green 360 Controllers

Guitar Hero News From MS Presser - Van Halen, The Eagles, Metallica

Fallout 3 Getting Exclusive Downloadable Content For Xbox 360 And PC

Visited E3 Hall... In Intensive Care

First Peek At E3 2008 (Boxes And Furniture Crap)

Microsoft Announce 60GB 360, Confirm 20GB Price-Cut