I was visiting the Eidos area early, chatting with the man in the Age of Conan t-shirt waving a sword around about World of Warcraft, when a realization dawned on me. I never actually reviewed Age of Conan. I had done initial impressions, but I never deemed the game final enough for a full-fledged review. I asked the PR guy, but as the question left my lips, Age of Conan product manager Erling Ellingsen wandered by. You may remember Erling from the PVP video I posted a couple months back. Yes, he is just as glorious in real life.


So I posed he question to him. "When will Age of Conan be complete enough for a full review?" His answer? "About a month."So there you go folks, directly from the product manager. Age of Conan should be review ready in a month, when the PVP portions are firmly in place.

I really sympathize with Erling here. To have to stand there and admit that your game - already on retail shelves for nearly 2 months - will be finished in a month? This is why he makes the big bucks. Well, that and his awesome hair.

UPDATE: Eidos contacted me this morning to give their side of the story, so in all fairness, here it is. According to them, they were responding to a question about when the PVP update would be implemented, and not my question about when I should review the game. I posed both questions separately and would not have posted the story if I felt there was a question of validity.

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