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Fact-Checking Sony's E3 Presser

Illustration for article titled Fact-Checking Sonys E3 Presser

Sony didn't have many stats to boast about this year. But read on to double-check the four claims made during Sony's E3 08 press conference.


Claim 1: 1.8 million PS3s, 1.6 million PSPs and 1.5 million PS2s sold in the this year.

Not sure. Annual U.S. sales as of April 2008, according to NPD Group, were .99 million for PS3, .95 million for PS2, and .96 million for PSP.

Claim 2: More than 1.9 million songs sold via the SingStore worldwide.

Sounds false. SingStore's got around 200 songs online. That would mean each one has been downloaded more than 9,000 times!


Claim 3: More than 20 million pieces of content downloaded in June, and 180 million downloads since launch.

Sounds high. This is what Jack Tretton said in February 2008: "Playstation Network total downloads exceeded 6.3 million in February 2008, compared to 6.6 million at the peak of the holiday season in December 2007." From 6.6 million in February to 20 million in June? Impressive, if true.

Claim 4: Most PS3 games don't use even 80 percent of the SPUs.

True. Although MGS4 used almost all of the PS3s power, according to Kojima, the majority of games for the system likely do not.

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According to this article from April, over 12 million copies of SingStar have been sold in the UK, and another 1.5 million in the US. The store is doing well, too...


It doesn't seem unrealistic at all, considering these numbers. That's about one downloaded song per six copies of the game floating around.