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Dante is a pansy. Bayonetta could completely kick his ass. Star of her own eponymous game, the fruit of the partnership between Sega and PlatinumGames, Bayonetta takes the over-the-top melee and shooting combat of the Devil May Cry series and cranks things up to completely ridiculous levels with amazing results.

Bayonetta herself is a sultry, scantily clad witch with long dark hair and glasses. From the way her hips sway when she walks and her poses during special moves you might think she was a pushover, but the twin revolvers in her hands AND on her feet speak differently, and even should those fail, she has some really killer hair.


When I say killer hair, I am being completely literal. During combat, which for the most part looks a lot like a Devil May Cry title (down to the enemy design), our bespectacled heroine casts spells that open a portal, through which her hair flows, reassembling on the other side in the form of giant spiked heels, giant fists, or in the case of one giant boss monster, a gigantic hair dragon.

One more time...a gigantic hair dragon. You really had to be there. It was heightened by the fact that the man demonstrating the game looked so calm when it happened, as if that sort of thing happened every day. I suppose it does for him, really, but still...giant hair dragon!

Aside from her guns and hair, Bayonetta can also summon torture devices using button presses that occur near weakened enemies. While fighting these angel-looking bird creatures the person playing the demo pressed a button combination that threw the enemy back and formed an iron maiden around it, snapping shut with a burst of blood.

In summation, Dante-esque sexy witch woman (with glasses) who fights evil using revolvers in her hands and on her feet, giant hair dragons, summonable torture devices. Did I mention that a j-pop track played during the battle? I think I am in love.

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