Guitar Hero News From MS Presser - Van Halen, The Eagles, Metallica

Red Octane founder Kai Huang took the stage today at Microsoft's E3 2008 presser to toss out a few pertinent Guitar Hero related tidbits. First up, REM DLC is coming, and Xbox 360 owners will get first shot at it when it drops. Then Huang revealed that Van Halen and The Eagles will be completely exclusive to Guitar Hero: World Tour. No Hot For Teacher for Rock Band? Not fair.

Finally, Metallica is coming to Guitar Hero in a big way, with DLC being readied to release alongside their new album, Death Magnetic, which is guaranteed to completely make up for Saint if any album could actually contain such power.


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Man, too bad I'm going with Rockband2. There are a handful of Van Halen and Eagles songs I'd like, but I can live without. I only play RB/GH on medium and the Metallica songs are at the top of my skill level. I like to listen to them, but playing is another story.