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This week we watch Godzilla eat people, talk hash bros, remember that fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head, check out a new trailer for Yakuza Like A Dragon, and honor the greatest warrior in history, Grand Theft Auto’s CJ.


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Let’s all just stop using Facebook.

Is this vore?


I’ll admit, sitting in an X-Wing and hearing Star Wars tunes while flipping around a Star Destroyer made me feel like a happy little kid, which is a nice break from how most of 2020 has made me feel.



I’d also like some coffee, bro.


In a few years we are going to have to explain what the whole FLY thing was and folks, that’s going to be a strange conversation.


If only GTA San Andreas had combat half as good as this... (Original video)


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Honestly, I’ve just about had it with facebook. I got zucc’d after having it out with a transphobe, all the right-wing neo nazi horseshit just makes me so pissed off.