Fall Guys Introduces Four New Stages And A Mode Selector In Season Two

knight fever in fall guys
Knight Fever, one of the new Fall Guys races.
Screenshot: Mediatonic

After a morning of shaky login issues, Fall Guysmedieval-themed second season is officially here. If you’ve fallen off Mediatonic’s platformer royale in recent weeks, today’s update might be enough to draw you back in—for a little bit, at least.


The main draw here is the prospect of playing new rounds. All of the stages from the first season are still playable, but today’s update adds four new mini-games to the rotation:

  • There’s Hoopsie Legends, which is more or less a solo version of the dreaded Hoopsie Daisy. (That’s the horrible team-based game in which you have to jump through floating rings and hope, for the love of beans, that your teammates don’t screw up. They almost always do.)
  • Egg Siege is basically a remix of the sixth-worst original mini-game, Egg Scramble. You and your teammates have to grab eggs from a central pile and return them to your corner’s goal. The difference between Siege and Scramble is that Siege is set in a stage with retractable drawbridges. It’s a disaster.
  • Wall Guys, my favorite of the bunch, is a free-for-all race that requires you to leap over increasingly tall castle walls. To do so, you need to pair up with other players and move boxes of various heights in order to construct makeshift stairways. (Pro tip: Let the other players do the building, then use their creations to steal victory.)
  • Finally, there’s Knight Fever, a gauntlet race not unlike so many other Fall Guys gauntlet races.

I played for an hour or so this morning and am sad to report that these rounds don’t show up with the frequency a second season might suggest. I mostly stumbled upon classic levels, like Hit Parade or Roll Out, and rarely saw any of these new four. But whenever a new round showed up, it was undeniably exciting.

fall guys mode selection
What’s this, a second game mode?!
Screenshot: Mediatonic / Kotaku

What’s more, the second season introduces a method for curating the rounds you play. Starting today, there’s a “show selector” function in the main menu. Through next week, it’s a “Gauntlet Showdown.” Play on that mode, and you’ll only get races—rounds like Slime Climb or the Whirlygig. Developer Mediatonic says that future showdowns could feature survival games, like Block Party, Jump Club, or the prankable Perfect Match. Hopefully, they never add a Team Showdown.

Of course, if you like all Fall Guys mini-games equally, first, take a deep look into your soul and ask yourself why in the world you enjoy any of the team games. Second, rest assured that Fall Guys’ standard “main show” option is still front-and-center. The surprisingly delightful mid-season reworks are still in the mix, too.


For those who worked their way up to level bazillion in the first season: Sorry, you’re back to the starting point alongside the rest of us. On the plus side, there are a ton of new cosmetic options to unlock—Orc and Jester costumes, courtly animations, even an era-befitting fleur-de-lis pattern—and crowns to earn. As with the first season, those early levels fly by, and give you rewards at a rapid clip. Best get falling.

Correction—4:00 p.m., 10/9: An earlier version of this piece listed Fall Guys as a free-to-play game. It is $20. Kotaku regrets the error.

Staff Writer, Kotaku


I have no interest in playing the game but I would LOVE to see a lot of the data that could be learned from it. Which starting positions are more likely to win at different games, heat maps of player movement, that sort of thing.

I don’t really think player skill plays a factor here, if I had to guess I would say that most player’s win/loss ratio is about the same as if you simulated it entirely using RNG that follows the same rules about what games are chosen and how many people can proceed/be eliminated per round.