We Asked Japanese Gamers If They're Buying the New 3DS

What Do Pac Man's Ghosts Taste Like?

Pac Man has been spending decades chowing down on stuff. Eating seems to come so naturally to him I never stopped to consider if he enjoys the taste of everything he eats. Apparently, neither have his owners. » 9/21/14 11:00am 9/21/14 11:00am

Finally Exploring Final Fantasy Explorers. Is It Fantastic?

Square Enix offered a playable demo of the new Final Fantasy Explorers at this year's Tokyo Game Show and I got a chance to give it a whirl. It's a solid game. It's a Final Fantasy game. But I'm not sure it's a solid Final Fantasy game. » 9/20/14 5:00pm 9/20/14 5:00pm

The Latest Dragon Ball Game Has Something in Common With its MMO

Dragon Ball Xenoverse allows players to create their own original player character to take part in the history of Dragon Ball. It's a fan's dream, sure, but there's something familiar about it. » 9/20/14 5:30am 9/20/14 5:30am

Going for a Ride with Sony's New VR Headset

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony had demos for its Project Morpheus VR headset. The previously announced Summer Lesson ended up not making TGS, but there were two other new demos that were new and worth taking for a spin. » 9/20/14 4:00am 9/20/14 4:00am

Scalebound is Platinum Games' First Stab at Fantasy

Platinum Games' new Xbox One exclusive game, Scalebound, has dragons and dragon riding. For creator Hideki Kamiya, it's a bit of a dream come true. » 9/19/14 5:00am 9/19/14 5:00am

One Novel Thing about Japan's Big Xbox One Exclusive

Psycho-Pass is Japan's big Xbox One exclusive. I was expecting a rather standard text-based adventure game – your typical wall of words broken occasionally by a choice selection. What I got, however, was a very cool look at how the game will use real world tech.
» 9/19/14 4:30am 9/19/14 4:30am

Surprise, Deadly Premonition Creator's Next Game Hits Xbox One Friday

If you were one of the fans who helped make last-gen weirdo thriller Deadly Premonition a cult hit, then you're going to have a very good weekend. That's because D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die—the next game from Deadly Premonition creator Swery—comes on Friday. » 9/17/14 11:22pm 9/17/14 11:22pm

Five Years Of Tokyo Game Show's Digital Poster Ladies

Back in 2010, the organizers of the annual Tokyo Game Show tapped illustrator Ippei Gyoubu to design the show's main visual. Yesterday Gyoubu and TGS revealed this year's poster and theme: the transformation of fun. Explains the butterfly motif. » 5/24/14 12:10pm 5/24/14 12:10pm

How Japanese Gamers Felt After Touching the PS4 and Xbox One

The PS4 and Xbox One won't be out in Japan until next year, but many attendees to last month's Tokyo Game Show got to try out the upcoming consoles and voice their opinions. Here's what they thought. » 10/17/13 4:30am 10/17/13 4:30am

Ace Combat Infinity's Story Mode is Free. As for Multiplayer...

Ace Combat Infinity is Namco Bandai's upcoming free to play aerial combat game for the PlayStation 3. Project leader Kazutoki Kono says that for this game, they're going back to the roots and standards of the Ace Combat series. » 9/26/13 7:00am 9/26/13 7:00am

Metal Gear Solid V Cosplay Kept Ya Waiting, Huh?

Metal Gear Solid V isn't out yet. Heck, there wasn't even a playable demo at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Until we get our hands on it, all we can do is wait. Good thing there are talented cosplayers to help pass the time. » 9/24/13 7:00am 9/24/13 7:00am

Consider This Your Cosplay Cure

This weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, some of the best cosplay in Asia was on display. There were those at the TGS event halls, but some of the most talented cosplayers graced the stage at Cosplay Collection Night. » 9/23/13 8:00am 9/23/13 8:00am

The Metal Gear Solid Side Mission Demo Ended With A Badass Car Jump

If nothing else, Hideo Kojima knows how to work a crowd. So it's only natural that he'd have something extra planned for the public day live performance of Tokyo Game Show 2013. » 9/23/13 6:30am 9/23/13 6:30am

Westerners Want PS Vita TV More than Sony Thought

That PS Vita TV sure is a neat little device, huh? The device is hitting Japan this November and will be released elsewhere in Asia next January. But what about the West? » 9/23/13 5:30am 9/23/13 5:30am

Capcom's PS4-Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Free-to-Play

Deep Down, Capcom's strange, beautiful, displaced-time online RPG, is going to be free-to-play, and its beta will appear "near the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan," Sony's president of worldwide studios said via Twitter after the news was announced at Tokyo Game Show earlier today. » 9/21/13 1:00pm 9/21/13 1:00pm

One of Metal Gear Solid's Most Iconic Tropes Was Almost Axed

Looking at its gameplay, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and its prologue, Ground Zeroes capture the spirit of the Metal Gear series despite worries arising from director Hideo Kojima's announcement that the game would be open world. However, a staple of the series—the exclamation point—was almost not included… » 9/21/13 10:30am 9/21/13 10:30am