Project Resistance Is The Latest Resident Evil Game

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First teased earlier this week, here’s the first proper look at Project Resistance, an upcoming 4v1 “asymmetrical co-op experience” set in the Resident Evil universe.

Four players can team up as regular humans and play as survivors, where they can run around, interact with stuff together and try to escape a secret facility, while one player can take control of Nemesis Mastermind, the bad guy behind said facility, and just run around murdering everyone (with the help of security cameras, which he can use to track survivors).


There’s a beta next month in Japan. No word on a release date, but the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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Gene Jacket

Man.....color me entirely deflated.

I was really, really, really, really hoping for a new Outbreak, or just something in that vein...this is not that.

I’m not going to write it off completely, it’s RE so I’m contractually obligated to at least give it a shot...but ALL of the multiplayer focused RE titles have been the weakest across the history of the series.