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Someone Killed The Chainsaw Guy In Resident Evil 4 Using Only A Door

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Dante Ravioli (YouTube)

In Resident Evil 4 players have a huge variety of weapons and attacks to choose from. But YouTuber Dante Ravioli decided to use something very different to kill one of the most famous enemies in the game. Instead of a shotgun or pistol, they kicked a door into the chainsaw guy’s face a few dozen times. Surprisingly, this worked.

Dante Ravioli didn’t think this would work. Using just a door to kill a tough enemy sounds ridiculous. It just sounded too improbable to him. However, his whole YouTube channel is dedicated to testing out crazy, impossible or strange challenges in games. “I had to at least give it a shot,” explained Dante Ravioli.


To pull this strange kill off, Ravioli lured the chainsaw guy towards a building with a door and then proceded to run into the building. Then he waited right near the door. Using the loud motor of the chainsaw, Ravioli was able to figure out when he should kick open the door, which damages any enemy directly behind it. Then he just did this over and over and over, until eventually, he had killed his target.

It took him around 30 minutes to successfully kill Dr. Salvador, the actual name of that chainsaw-wielding boss. The first half of that was filled with some mistakes and restarts. Once Ravioli got the timing down, he was able to kill the chainsaw loving doctor in about 14 minutes. He posted the whole unedited fight on YouTube.


It is quite comical to see such a deadly and scary enemy reduced to a bumbling idiot. He keeps falling for the same trick, over and over. Come on, dude. Quit falling for this door trick. You’re a doctor. You’re smarter than this.

This isn’t the only boss Ravioli has killed using a door in Resident Evil 4. A much more challenging opponent was the Verdugo. It took two hours of door smashing to finally kill that tough enemy. “This took so many attempts that my thumb was starting to hurt after mashing the ‘door open’ button for so long,” said Ravioli.

While Dante Ravioli would love to kill more bosses in Resident Evil 4 using just a door, it seems unlikely. The problem is that most bosses in the game aren’t near doors. However, Ravioli does believe that if a door was available near other bosses in the game, this could work. It seems nobody is immune to a door hitting them in the face a few dozen times.