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China Isn't Cancelling Its Biggest Game Show

Illustration for article titled China Isnt Cancelling Its Biggest Game Show
Photo: ChinaJoy2019 (Official Site)
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While E3 and the Tokyo Game Show have been scrapped in favor of virtual events, China Joy will go forward as planned—as an in-person event.


As Shanghai Daily reports, the show will be held from July 31 to August 3. Special measures will be in place to help keep visitors and exhibitors safe.

Besides submitting to temperature checks, attendees will need to disclose their real name as well as show valid ID and a health code tracking app. According to South China Morning Post, the app gives each Chinese citizen a color to denote whether or not they could be carrying the novel coronavirus.


The layout at the Shanghai New International Expo Center will also be staggered to help enforce some semblance of social distancing.

Last year, China Joy hosted over 364,700 visitors during the four-day show.

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Well... unlike other western, more capitalist, governments China did what it had to do to contain the virus. Also, their predictive models might be pointing that by July the risk might be low enough that it is safe enough, with these measures, to do a public event.

It is an opportunity to signal to the tech bro culture the superiority of the Chinese government, so they will definetly try to take it.