Not One Of This Week's Gaming Apps Will Cut Your Throat In Your Sleep

I know you've been worried. You've been keeping your phone in that heavily-padded case in a locked lead box under your bed. Your iPad is in a safe, and not for its own protection. You've got handcuffs for your Nexus 7, and not the kinky kind. Well do not worry, my friends. None of this week's gaming apps will kill you. »5/17/13 9:38pm5/17/13 9:38pm

Your Weekend Is Going To Be Horrible. Bring Some Gaming Apps.

Look, I am really sorry you are heading into the worst weekend of your life. I'd try to warn you, tell you what sorts of people, places and things to avoid, but fate doesn't work that way. You'll either ignore me completely, thinking I'm some sort of psycho, or you'll adjust your plans and fate will adjust right… »5/10/13 7:00pm5/10/13 7:00pm