There Is No Escaping This Week In Gaming Apps

The coast looks clear. There are certainly a lot less android roaming the streets than there were last week, but what if it's just a ploy to lead you out into the open? You take a couple of cautious steps out of the shadows, and BAM! — the Week in Gaming Apps.

It's a predator, the Week in Gaming Apps — it's in its blood. Its bones. Its massive rolling boulders of doom. You can endlessly run. You can fortify your defenses. You can breed bizarre creatures to fight by your side, pilot heavy steel death machines, or learn how to skateboard really well, but as the clever wordplay in which you're trying to work all of this week's titles into an increasingly run-on sentence collapses, it strikes.


There is no escape. Resistance is right out. All you can do is submit yourself to...

What We Played This Week

Giant Boulder of Death — iOS — Free

I love that a game about a giant boulder rolling over everything in its path has a story. Better yet, it's a love story. Awww. Update: Originally I had Giant Boulder of Death listed as Android as well, but that one turned out to be a fake.


Joust Legend — iOS — $1.99

It's jousting. Not bird jousting, but real knight-on-horse-doing-stuff jousting. I am a sucker for jousting, even if I suck.


Pet Peaves Monsters — iOS — $.99

It's a gorgeous virtual pet sim, with a battle element I don't quite understand. I'll be playig a lot of it.


Boom! Tanks — iOS — Free

This is CSR Racing, only with tanks shooting instead of drag racing. It took me a moment to figure that out. You aim, and you shoot — that's it. Somehow, it's still pretty engaging. Weird.


Strata — iOS — $.99

Such a wonderful, relaxing little puzzle game. It's all about weaving colors. Weavers will love this. There are still weavers, right?


Tech Deck Skateboarding — Android, iOS — Free

An interesting tap=based skateboarder, with great animations and a board-collecting mechanic that fits the toy brand quite well. Needs music.


Heroes of Loot — Android, iOS — $1.99

Imagine a fast and frantic pixelized Gauntlet, stir in some quests and a healthy sense of humor, and you've arrived here.


Infectonator: Hot Chase — Android, iOS — Free

Endless zombie running time. Well, there's definitely an end. You'll run out of stamina if you don't eat people. That's important. Eating people.


Gods Vs. Humans — iOS — $1.99

Gods are jerks. The humans are building a tower. The gods want it destroyed, but they don't want the humans to be all pissy about it. It's an omnipotent bastard simulator.


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This week's music: "We Came Down" by Superpoze

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